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clipper::RTop< T > Class Template Reference

Rotation-translation operator. More...

#include <clipper_types.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RTop ()
 null constructor
 RTop (const Mat33< T > &r)
 constructor: from rotation
 RTop (const Mat33< T > &r, const Vec3< T > &t)
 constructor: from rotation and translation
RTop< T > inverse () const
bool equals (const RTop< T > &m, const T &tol) const
 test equality with some tolerance
const Mat33< T > & rot () const
 get rotation
const Vec3< T > & trn () const
 get translation
Mat33< T > & rot ()
 set rotation
Vec3< T > & trn ()
 set translation
bool is_null () const
 test for null operator
String format () const
 return formatted String representation

Static Public Member Functions

static RTop< T > identity ()
 return identity operator
static RTop< T > null ()
 return identity operator


Vec3< T > operator* (const RTop< T > &r, const Vec3< T > &v)
 apply RTop to vector
RTop< T > operator* (const RTop< T > &r1, const RTop< T > &r2)
 RTop product.

Detailed Description

template<class T = ftype>
class clipper::RTop< T >

Rotation-translation operator.

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