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clipper::datatypes::F_phi< dtype > Class Template Reference

Reflection data type: F + phi model or map coeff (e.g. Fcalc, Fbest) More...

#include <hkl_datatypes.h>

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Public Member Functions

 F_phi (const dtype &f, const dtype &phi)
void set_null ()
 initialise to 'missing' (all elements are set to null)
void friedel ()
 apply Friedel transformation to the data
void shift_phase (const ftype &dphi)
 apply phase shift to the data
bool missing () const
 return true if data is missing
void data_export (xtype array[]) const
 conversion to array (for I/O)
void data_import (const xtype array[])
 conversion from array (for I/O)
void scale (const ftype &s)
 this type is scalable - apply magnitude scale factor
const dtype & f () const
const dtype & phi () const
dtype & f ()
dtype & phi ()
dtype a () const
 read real part
dtype b () const
 read imag part
 F_phi (const std::complex< dtype > c)
 convert from complex
 operator std::complex< dtype > () const
 convert to complex
dtype resolve (const dtype phi)
 resolve along phase direction
const F_phi< dtype > & norm ()
 tidy up so that real part is positive and phase 0...twopi

Static Public Member Functions

static String type ()
 return the name of this data type
static int data_size ()
 return number of data elements in this type
static String data_names ()
 return names of data elements in this type

Detailed Description

template<class dtype>
class clipper::datatypes::F_phi< dtype >

Reflection data type: F + phi model or map coeff (e.g. Fcalc, Fbest)

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