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[ccp4bb]: ccp4i error

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We just upgraded our ccp4 to the latest version of ccp4.1.1. We have
IRIX6.5 here so we install the SGI binary for tclck from ccp4 site. But
we still come up with following error message:

Using CCP4 programs from /net/firth/disk44/CCP4-4.1.1
Error: bad option "join": should be atime, dirname, executable, exists,
extension, isdirectory, isfile, lstat, mtime, owned, readable, readlink,
root, size, stat, tail, type, or writable
    while executing
"file join $env(CCP4I_TOP) bin ccp4ish.tcl"
    invoked from within
"source [file join $env(CCP4I_TOP) bin ccp4ish.tcl]..."
    (file "/net/firth/disk44/CCP4-4.1.1/ccp4i/bin/ccp4ish" line 5)

Can you give us some hints about how to fix it?



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